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Scientists develop rechargeable batteries - small enough for Phones and powerful enough for cars

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A set of rechargeable batteries might have just been developed by a group of Scientists, it is small enough for Phones and powerful enough for cars.

According to the Scientists, Sri Narayan and Derek Moy from the University of Southern California (USC) in the US, the batteries are alteration to the lithium-sulphur batteries and it will be a better competitor to the standard lithium-ion battery.

The developed alteration to the lithium-sulphur batteries by Sri and Moy is called the "Mixed Conduction Membrane," or MCM. It is a small piece of non-porous, fabricated material sandwiched between two layers of porous separators, soaked in electrolytes and placed between the two electrodes. The membrane works as a barrier in reducing the shuttling of dissolved polysulfides between anode and cathode, a process that increases the kind of cycle strain that has made the use of lithium-sulphur batteries for energy storage a challenge.

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The MCM also allows for the necessary movement of lithium ions, mimicking the process as it occurs in lithium-ion batteries. This novel membrane solution preserves the high-discharge rate capability and energy density without losing capacity over time. At various rates of discharge, the researchers found that the lithium-sulphur batteries that made use of MCM led to 100 per cent capacity retention and had up to four times longer life compared to batteries without the membrane.

Professor Narayan at  the USC Dornsife College of Letters, said that "This advance removes one of the major technical barriers to the commercialisation of the lithium-sulphur battery, allowing us to realise better options for energy efficiency. We can now focus our efforts on improving other parts of lithium-sulphur battery discharge and recharge that hurt the overall life cycle of the battery."

Lithium-sulphur battery has a lot of advantages over lithium-ion battery. The lithium-sulphur battery is cheap to produce with its materials readily available, two to three times denser, which makes them both smaller and better at storing charge. It is also lighter than lithium-ion battery.


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