10 gadgets you may need

There are gadgets or accessories we may need ranging from Bluetooth, charger etc. Some of them are listed below:
            The Logi circle

The Logi Circle is a Wi-Fi security camera with easy setup, a sleek mobile app with an intuitive interface, and the ability to stream video with up to Full HD resolution. Available in black or white, the camera has two-way audio, an ultra wide lens, and free 24-hour cloud storage. The camera can work in wireless mode as well.
          Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless               Noise-Canceling Headphones

The QuietComfort product series by Bose is the gold standard for noise-canceling headphones, and its latest iteration is finally wireless. The QuietComfort 35 over-ear headphones feature a superb fit, sleek design, long battery life, the best noise cancellation in the business, and a finely tuned sound signature that makes them suitable for any type of content.

              Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 has GPS, top-notch water resistance (it can go up to 50 meters underwater), and a zippy processor, tucked into the body of the previous generation. The device's solid fitness tracking credentials make it a great buy for active iPhone users.

                AmpliFi HD Router

The AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi router is beautifully designed and incredibly fun and easy to use. Its setup consists of a cool base station with a touchscreen, and two wireless mesh points. A smartphone app allows users to control the router and monitor its performance. Pricey, but excellent.

           Twelve South HiRise iPhone Dock

The Twelve South HiRise is an excellent iPhone dock with a metal body, whose clever design allows users to also use it with an iPad. Its Deluxe retail package includes a Lightning and a microUSB cable. The latter is particularly handy if you use your iPhone with a battery case.

    Shure Motiv MV5 USB Microphone

The Shure Motiv MV5 can work not only with PC and Mac computers, but also iOS and Android devices via the bundled microUSB and Lightning cable. It has a removable desktop stand, a built-in 3.5-millimeter audio jack, and a real-time headphone monitor, as well as a frequency range that spans from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The device weighs a tad above 3 ounces without a stand, so it is easy to carry around.

         Microsoft Universal Foldable                    Keyboard

Microsoft's Universal Foldable Keyboard is only 5 millimeters thin, and can connect to Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It can handle accidental spills and will fit in your jacket pocket when folded. A three-year warranty and excellent battery life make this one of the best picks in its price range.

           Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming                Mouse

The Razer Mamba is considered by many to be the best wireless gaming mouse available today — its 16,000 dpi laser sensor is among the most sensitive solutions in the business. Optional wired connectivity, ergonomic body with adjustable lighting, and a nice charging dock make the Mamba Wireless an easy buy in its price range.

              Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a perfect starter camera for someone who's serious about learning photography. The T5 has a large 18MP APS-C sensor, excellent manual controls, and excellent video quality. The Rebel T5 will allow you to easily upgrade your lens collection down the line.

                Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

In case you are not sure if instant film cameras are for you, try the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. It has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, so you can print photos in 2 by 3 inches straight from your smartphone via a Polaroid ZIP app for Android and iOS. The rechargeable battery and sleek design make the ZIP mobile printer a cool gadget to have around.

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