Cell phone battery lifespan

Most of the factors that determines the phone battery lifespan is what that would be looked at today and most of the factors is centered on care being given to it by the owner. Most of us must have noticed that their phone batteries doesn't last( duration of Time the battery is used before it gets low) unlike the time it is bought newly. It is said that the average life span of a mobile phone battery is from 400 to 500 charge cycle, which means the average battery lasts from one to two years. one of the things to do to maximize your cell phone battery is to charge it when it's power is completely depleted and not when it is half charged.
You should also mind the temperature of the surrounding where you are keeping your phone, it shouldn't be kept where the temperature is relatively hot nor cold because that could reduce the lifespan of the battery.
I know that so many or few have discovered that a phone battery charged by direct energy source last longer than the one charged by power bank, car battery or even laptops because I have seen people charging their phone batteries with PC( private computers), we should desist from such act because it makes the cells of the battery weak.
Another Patten of phone battery charging which reduces the lifespan of a battery is the usage of what is popularly called "Desktop charger". People who doesn't have the charger of the phone tends to remove the battery from the phone and attach it to the desktop charger because they have seen that buying a phone charger would be quite expensive than buying the desktop charger, so they go for the cheaper alternative which is desktop charger.
Not using the right charger can actually make the lifespan of your battery to depreciate. Of course using samsung s6 edge charger to charge infinix product like infinix x507 will not work because their volts are never the same. Try and buy the right charger for your device because phone charger are rated in volts and the charger that can power phone A may reduce the lifespan of phone B but may power it.

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