The Essence and Difference between a mobile country code and a zip code.

A mobile country code is a short numeric code that its digits ranges from one to three and the code makes it easy to place call in any part of the world. It differs from one country to another just like the US mobile code is 1and that of France is 33, the international direct dial (IDD) designations are the international phone codes you add to international numbers.
It is easier to use the plus (+) sign instead of writing an international dialing codes with a zero (0) or double zero (00).

The Zip code which is the popular term used in the US or Postal code which is used in some parts of the world but the both names means the same thing. The word "ZIP" is actually an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, the Zip codes system started in 1963 at the United States in which its sole aim is to deliver mail more efficiently and Quickly.

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