what you need to know about the new iPhone7

Most people may not know that there are actually two versions of the new iPhone 7 and one is way slower.
Some iPhone 7s use a Qualcomm modem, while others have an Intel modem. The difference between the Qualcomm modem and Intel modem can make a whole difference when it comes to the speed at which your iPhone 7 processes information. According to the information gathered, the Qualcomm modem performed 30% better than Intel's. This means that the iPhone 7 with Qualcomm works faster than the iPhone 7 with Intel modem.
If you have a Verizon (VZ, Tech30), Sprint (S) or SIM-free model, you're in good hands, Another preventive measure is to make sure you buy your phone in the United States, China or Japan. Those are the only countries where the speedy Qualcomm version is sold.
To determine if your iPhone has the Intel modem, check the model number, found in small print on the back of your smartphone. The Intel modem is in Model A1778 and Model A1784. The slow processing speed of Intel modem compared to Qualcomm modem may not bother some Users of the iPhone.

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