Motorola partners with Munich Airport, Germany.

Motorola Solutions has signed a contract to upgrade its Tetra digital two-way radio system at Munich Airport in Germany.

With the new communications infrastructure, the airport will have improved connectivity, interoperability and collaboration between various business and operational functions.

Motorola is equipping the airport with a new MCC 7500 IP dispatch console within the framework of the new Tetra radio network.

The solution will enhance the airport's IP architecture and ensures optimum call set-up and availability.

One of the Airport staff said "The update of our Tetra infrastructure enables us to further improve our communications in airport operations." While Motorola Solutions Germany key accounts sales director Klaus-Dieter Drossel said: “We are collaborating closely with Munich Airport to provide a future-proof Tetra digital two-way radio network.

Furthermore, the airport will be able to expand its communications infrastructure in the future without interrupting existing services.

Motorola will also implement two Tetra base stations for improved radio coverage in the terminals.
The airport has also started a pilot project for the potential installation of Motorola’s Wave broadband to ensure that airport staff can communicate well.

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