Must know! Types of fake news seen on internet.

In a way of getting noticed or even trying to smear someone's reputation that he/she has taken years to build, people have resulted to posting what is seen as untrue and fake in order to deal with whosoever they hate or against. Worry no more because you will be shown how to spot fake news both on internet and on social media.

1.  Fake news.
It may amuse you to see "fake news" among fake news. This type of news doesn't require someone telling you that this is fake because the untrueness of the news will be very easy to figure out just by reading and it is easily debunked. It has no weight. This type of news is mostly backed up with fake Photoshoped photograph and headlines.

2. Misleading News.
Most unenlightened internet users fall prey to this kind of news. This type of news has its truth, that it is not trusted news hidden in a manner that won't be noticed by a careless reader. In this type of news, the headline says a different thing with the article.

3. Supporter news.
The main issue about this kind of news is that the article or the news is reconfigured to support a certain motion in which wasn't originally supported by the main article.

4. Catchy news
This type of news has "tempting to click" headline in which if you eventually click, it won't worth reading.

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