Must read! Your Health can be checked by this tiny sensor.

It is quite stressful to go to a medical center and get your health status validated.
A group of researchers have said that life will be made easier if a tiny soft skin‐mounted sensor is designed to capture, collect and analyze sweat. As this has already been designed to read what's going on in your body based on your sweat, and relay information about your well-being wirelessly to a smartphone.

The said device or sensor can be confidently used as an alternative to blood tests to assess people's health one day. Perspiration or sweat as mostly called Contains chemicals full of molecules ranging from simple electrically charged ions to more complex proteins that can Reveal what is happening inside the human body.
With this device, it is of no doubt that doctors can diagnose diseases, dictate drug abuse and so on.
This tiny sensor contains embedded chemical sensors and other devices into a soft, flexible silicone rubber disc, about the size and thickness of a quarter, that can easily stick to skin. One of the chemicals "microfluidics" Is programed to route fluids inside themselves in much the same way that microelectronics do with electrons. Specifically, the sensor directs sweat down a number of microscopic channels that are about 0.02 inches (0.5 millimeters) wide into compartments about 0.16 inches (4 mm) in diameter. Each of these chambers measures specific biomarkers, such as pH, lactate, chloride and glucose levels. Apart from the above listed, the device can tell the perspiration rate. These biomarkers are known based on the visible color shown by the sensor.

When a smartphone is brought near the sensor, near-field communications technology within the smartphone just as the same kind used in mobile payment systems such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay use short-range radio waves to power and talk to electronics within the sensor. Then, the electronics in the sensor cause a smartphone app to take a photo of the sensor, and the app can then analyze this image to calculate biomarker levels, the researchers said.
The device is not yet ready to be commercialized but it will soon be.

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