Speechless! Plans to grow Christmas turkey in lab underway.

I know so many people may see this as a crazy idea, but to some people it is worth venturing into.
A scientist recently said that they are making plans to grow Christmas turkey meat in lab in order to cut down cost of running it on a farm, and also replace factory farming by large scale cellular agriculture.

The proposed plan Is to be achieved within the next 15 years and it is believed that the lab grown turkey will be cheaper.

Rather than growing the whole turkey, parts of it will be grown separately if done in the lab. According to the report from the interview made, vegetarians said that they can eat a lab grown chicken.
The process works by taking a small piece of turkey breast, and isolating special stem cells which form muscle fibre. Those cells are then placed in a soup of sugar and amino acids which tricks them into thinking they are still inside the turkey, and need to continue dividing and growing.

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