The iCar project codenamed 'Titan'

As Tesla debuted it's first car, Apple as a company has been looking for ways to fastrack it's rumored project of producing a self driven electric car with the code name Titan. It is rumored that a substantial number of Apple employees are working on this project.
Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs had plans to design and build a car, according to Apple board member and J.Crew Group CEO Mickey Drexler, who said that discussions about the concept surfaced around the time that Tesla Motors debuted its first car. Former Apple iPod Senior VP Tony Fadell confirmed that Steve Jobs was interested in an Apple car back in 2008, shortly after the original iPhone was introduced.
Some of the Tesla employee said that incentives were offered to them so they could join Apple inc. The production of this car is likely to commence in 2020 as Apple Inc proposes that it will look like a minivan than a car. As earlier stated, the car will be Self driven and electric powered.

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