The Uniqueness of Human Mind

Humans can jokingly say we are all animals but mind you higher animals. The "higher" literally, don't make a lot of difference between us and the lower animals.

Humans have a cognitive ability that no other animal seems to have. We can mentally time-travel. At will, we can think back to the past, reimagining our first day at college or eating a meal with our love ones. Then, just as rapidly, we can switch to picturing the future, imagining our next holiday or drinking a cup of tea in an hour’s time.
A case study has described mental time-travel as part of autonoetic consciousness – the sense we have of ourselves as persisting across time. We can both re-experience and pre-experience events.
The ability to time-travel mentally has allowed us to imagine different futures and to produce the complex world we live in today. By recombining old memories, we are able to project ourselves forward in time, giving us endless combinations from which to select the most plausible possibilities.

Research has shown that Other animals can’t do this in the same way because, it is believed that your dog doesn’t lie by the fire reminiscing about its favorite walks and hoping to return to that special field where they once found a dead rabbit.

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