Unclear After effects of E-cigarrete.

Let me start by saying that E-cigarette is a handy electronic device, that releases a vapour like liquid called E-liquid. The people that mostly makes use of this E-cigarrete calls the act Vaping and the vapour like liquid contains nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavorings.
The rechargeable part of the device.

After a recent survey, people believe that the E- cigarette can make a smoker to loose the urge to stop smoking but I am telling you that this device doesn't help matters rather it causes less damage when compared with the normal cigarette with tobacco.
Although the effects like cancer, failure of skin flaps, blood flow reduction have not been ascertained or Linked to nicotine which is the major composition of the vapour like liquid yet, but people making use of this device should use it with caution because for certain, the after effects or the disadvantage of this device will be revealed someday.

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