Unidentified metal object hits a village in myanmar.

Report reaching us from Livescience has it that a large, unidentified metal object fell from the sky on November 10 in the remote mountainous region of Myanmar.

The cylindrical object, which is about 12 feet (3.7 meters) long and 5 feet in diameter, blasted into the village of Lone Khin, near a jade mine. Villagers woke early in the morning to a loud boom and vibrations, when the object fell to the ground. Though no one was injured, the UFO ripped through a jade miner's tent, and afterwards, the smell of burning filled the air, according to The Myanmar Times.

Daw Ma Kyi from Lone Khin village told The Myanmar Times that they
Initially thought it was a battle. The explosion made our houses shake. We saw the smoke from our village."

At first glance, the object looks like it may have come from an aircraft.

"I think it was an engine because I found a diode and many copper wires at the tail of the body," villager Ko Maung Myo told The Myanmar Times. "It also looks like a jet engine block."

However, the government officials said that they haven't identified the object and are sending experts to examine it. One former government official with the Department of Aviation said that the image shown on Facebook of the metal "UFO" looked more like a rocket booster than part of a commercial plane.

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