What you need to know about Hepatitis C

As most of us know, Hepatitis C is caused by a virus and they are of different types but none should be given with lesser attention .
Hepatitis C can be contacted through blood transfusion, sharing drugs and needles, sex with someone already infected, being stuck with infected objects and so on.
About 75% to 80% of people who have Hepatitis C develop a long-term infection called chronic hepatitis C. It can lead to conditions like liver cancer and cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver and may be is one of the top reasons people get liver transplants.
Hepatitis C can be treated by taking a daily dosage of Harvoni. Harvoni combines two drugs: sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) and ledipasvir. The mostlyside effects in both drugs were fatigue and headache.
 Your safety is always guaranteed if you make Use of a latex condom every time you have sex,
Don't share personal items like razors, sterilize every piercing object both before and after use and please, Don't donate blood or tissue if you’re infected.

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