Flying Robotic Ambulance Undergoes First Solo Test Flight.

Urban Aeronautics by name is an Israeli company that recently produced a flying Robotic Ambulance that works better than a helicopter in terms of undergoing Rescue missions.

The Urban flying robotic Ambulance vehicle is solely designed for the purpose of carrying equipments such as guns, people, and without a pilot being on board. As you can agree with me that the use of helicopters in combat zones attracts the enemies attention which results to it being opened fire at. But with the use of this flying Ambulance, injured soldiers will be given medical care because it entirely pilots itself through laser altimeters, radar and sensors and The system is "smart" enough to self-correct when it makes mistakes.
This test flight was conducted earlier this month and it is believed that it could go where helicopters can't go.
According to the company, the fans are effectively shielded rotors, which means the aircraft doesn't need to worry about bumping into a wall and damaging the rotors. And also Another set of fans propels the vehicle Ambulance forward.
The drone's robotic brain can decide what to do if the inputs from the sensors are off in some way, it is an effective decision maker. Urban Aeronautics said that this robot is not yet perfect and ready, it will still undergo numerous test and some parts will be rebuilt.

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