How artificial intelligence might help to detect Fake news on Facebook.

Fake news is what might reduce the popularity of Facebook if adequate measures are Not taken in time to checkmate it.
AI(artificial intelligence) might help clamp down on the proliferation of fake news stories, which circulated in unprecedented numbers during the recent US presidential election, and may have influenced voters.

According to a source who writes fake news on Facebook, he believed that the motive of him indulging in such act was to make a few bucks for himself. He also told Washington posts that President-Elect Donald Trump won because of the fake news he made for him on Facebook. To confirm this allegations, Thirty-eight percent of stories generated by right-wing, pro-Trump sites were false or contained falsehoods blended with facts.

From the report of a renowned analyst, Tirias' McGregor at Tirias Research, he pointed out that the AI "can help filter abusive or fraudulent content, improve security, analyze user interests, perform image recognition and classification".
However, Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group suggested that AI would need to have "absolute control" over all incoming posts and filters to be effective.
The stakes are "extremely high" for Facebook, Enderle said, as not addressing the fake news issue in a timely fashion, or addressing it badly, "could lead to everything from excessive litigation to company failure."

However, AIs will never be 100 percent perfect, because, just like us, they are always learning.

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