Human Motions Could Soon Power Smartphones, Wearable Devices via ferroelectret nanogenerator.

With you moving from one place to another, you could charge your phone and wearable devices such as wrist watches. A group of Engineering researchers from the Michigan State University have developed a nanotechnology that may soon power up smartphones and wearable devices using simple human motions, it could possibly power up LCD touch screen, a bank of 20 LED lights and a flexible keyboard with the help of simple touching and pressing motions, even without the aid of a battery.

This technology is called ferroelectret nanogenerator or FENG, the new device is as thin as a sheet of paper and can be molded to adapt to many applications and sizes. The researchers noted that the film-like nanogenerator is a low-cost device that becomes more powerful and efficient when folded.
The innovative device is consisted of a silicone wafer fabricated with several thin layers that include silver, polyimide and polypropylene ferroelectret. These layers are all environmentally friendly. Ions were added to each layer, making the device contain charged particles. Electrical energy is produced when human motions or mechanical energy compresses the layers of the ferroelectret nanogenerator and the smaller it is folded, the greater the voltage it release.

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