Must read! Ants communicate by mouth-to-mouth fluid exchange.

Not only humans knows how to communicate among themselves, insects also knows. The reports gotten from a research have shown that Liquids shared mouth-to-mouth by social insects contain proteins and small molecules that can influence the development and organization of their colonies, This process is called trophallaxis.

Apart from interacting with one another through this process, they also feed through this process, reunite with a nest-mate after isolation.
After a test was carried out on the fluid exchanged, proteins and high juvenile hormone was discovered in it. The proteins helps in regulating the ant growth while the juvenile hormone helps in the regulation of the insect development, behavior and reproduction.
According to Science Daily report, a team of Scientists identified small molecules and chemical signals in the carpenter ants' trophallactic liquid that help them recognize their nest-mates. They demonstrated for the first time the presence of chemical cues in the fluid that are known to be important in providing ants with a colony-specific odour that allows them to distinguish family from non-family members.
This discovery has made the Scientists to wonder what the mouth to mouth exchange of living things interprets or signifies.

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