Must read: The difference between women that had abortion and those restricted from having abortion.

It may interest you to know that the difference is not based on physical appearance but it is based on mental health, emotions.

Abortion is the cessation of pregnancy may be as a result of some acts like rape. A woman goes for abortion if she wishes to terminate the fetal development.
According to a research carried out, it showed that women who sought for abortions and had the procedure carried out did not experience more depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or dissatisfaction while those denied the request faced the above mentioned trauma.
The research was further confirmed when women who were faced with psychological symptoms because they were denied of it due to the pregnancies were further along than the cutoff time at the clinic they visited. But their psychological symptoms was short-lived, maybe they went elsewhere for an abortion or delivered the baby. About six months after being turned away from the first abortion clinic, their mental health resembled that of women who were not turned away and had abortions. The Cut off time for abortions usually ranges from 10 to 25 weeks of pregnancy.

From this research, it would be wise to expand the access to abortion care because it is more likely to protect women’s mental health than restricting women’s access to abortion care.

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