Must read! How to treat Apollo Eye Virus.

It is in this season we mostly experience some of these little but irritating diseases and Apollo Eye Virus is one of them. It may look little but the delay in treatment of this disease can lead to corneal inflammation and loss of vision. Apollo is an eye disease that causes swelling, itching, burning, and redness of the conjunctiva and it is one of the contagious Eye diseases that can either affect one or both eyes.

According to the information gathered, the disease is self-limiting and usually resolves spontaneously within two weeks and the discomfort could be relieved with the use of artificial tears and cool moist towel applied around the eyes and use of other eye medication. It advised against the use of steroids eye drops and affected persons to report immediately to an eye care worker for appropriate treatment.
Before the steps to treat this virus, we would like you to read the symptoms of this virus and how it can be prevented. The symptoms are Sore eyes, Feeling of grittiness or burning, Redness of the eyes, watery discharge, Swelling of eyelid, low Light sensitivity. It can be prevented by staying away from an infected person until he/she is treated and also, it is not advisable to share any material like clothes, beddings etc with affected person.

Apollo virus can be treated by cleaning with a warm wash towel. In order to ease itching, clean the eyes with warm towel by Gently rubbing from the top down to get all the gunk out, and switch to different parts of the cloth. Make sure you use clean clothes each time you do this to avoid contamination.
Wearing of sun glasses could help matters because, it will reduce the rate at which dust particles enters the eyes. The dust particles can cause itching and the exposure to sunlight can cause the burning feelings from the eyes.

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