Nemesis! Hacker who stole film scripts jailed for five years.

There is a saying that everyday for the thief, one day is for the owner of the house. That saying actually came to past on the life of Alonzo Knowles, he had so much bragged about hacking upto 130 celebrities accounts.

Alonzo Knowles was recently sentenced to five years in jail on the basis of stealing sexually explicit videos and unpublished film and TV scripts from celebrities. He obtained the passwords of his victims by using viruses and fake security notifications.
He met his Waterloo when he travelled to the US to sell stolen scripts not knowing that he was meeting undercover police officers.

The US Department of Justice said Knowles had a list of the email addresses and phone numbers of 130 celebrities, including actors, musicians and others, that he sought to steal from.
Knowles stole 25 unreleased film and TV show scripts as well as banking details and intimate images and videos.

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