Nokia planning a come back with the release of five old-school mobile phones.

Nokia as a company may attest to the fact that it has been having some challenges in terms of getting back to business.
It has been confirmed that the company will release five new smartphones in a comeback for 2017.
According to the plan, the Nokia phones are going to be Android with 5” and 5.7” displays and the first set will be unveiled at the annual Mobile World Congress tech show in February. The company hopes that with the introduction of an Android operating system, the phones will become people's choice again as it used to be because they are known for quality and durability. The phones will come with same battery power from the good old Nokia 3310 days. They offer up to 22 hours talk time, 31 days standby. Also, classic games like Snake and Nitro Racing will be rolled out early next year.

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