See the newly discovered fire that burns with reduced carbon emissions.

The new type of fire tornado discovered by researchers is what is seen as a better version of fire whirl and the New discovery is termed 'blue whirl'. The fire whirl poses a powerful and essentially uncontrollable threat to life, property, and the surrounding environment.
Blue whirl 

Fire whirl 
The blue whirl has so many advantages over the fire whirl both in terms of combustion and emissions.
The Blue in the whirl actually Indicates that there is enough oxygen for complete combustion, which means less or no soot, and is therefore a cleaner burn while the yellow in fire whirl indicates that there isn't enough oxygen for complete combustion, which also means much soot, and it has no cleaner nor clearer burn.
According to Huahua Xiao, who is the assistant research scientist in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland, he said fire whirl is usually turbulent, but this blue whirl is very quiet and stable without visible or audible signs of turbulence.

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