The flaws of face recognition technology.

Face recognition technology has been in existence for quite some time but the efficiency of this tech is not upto 95 percent.

This tech has come under so many criticisms regarding its credibility of discharging its duties expecially, regarding criminal identification. Talking of criminal identification, Some say the technology works based on people's mood and emotions while some say the technology raises ethical questions over what face technology can and should be used to detect.
Lets take for instance, In a situation where the tech is used to select a criminal from two people, it will pick the person who didn't actually commit the crime at the time in question due to the person must have had a criminal record which is registered in the database. The other person will not be identified by the machine due it has no record of the person.
Am not trying to say that computers can’t make accurate identification about a person’s face, sometimes even better than humans but what am saying is that this tech should be properly reviewed or looked into. This technology should be cautiously used and proper investigations carried out before an overall conclusion.

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