Uber given a condition to operate its self-driving cars.

The plan by Uber to keep the self-driving cars in San Francisco did not go down well with some people as state prosecutors threatened to haul Uber before a judge if the service is not suspended immediately.

They were asked by attorneys with the California's Department of Justice to get a special state permit if it wants to continue. Although they company wasn't given a time frame to get the permit, the spokeswoman for California transportation regulators, Melissa Figueroa, told The concerned Press in a text that the state would take action "early next week" if Uber doesn't comply by getting the permit.
According to the leader of the company's self-driving program, Anthony Levandowski, he described those as "frank conversations" which left him unswayed .
This situation has brought up so many reactions that made people to wonder why the government should take sides on whether to allow uber operate or haul it till it gets its permit. Mr Levandowski said that uber requires no permit just like 20 other companies testing the technology in California because other companies have backup drivers behind the wheel monitoring the cars.

Like I earlier mentioned about mixed reactions on the subject matter, San Francisco's mayor has sided with the state, while the mayor of Beverly Hills on Friday voiced his support for Uber testing without the state permit.

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