US military develops upgraded defensive Missiles.

It is not only the attack system determines a strong military force but also the defense system matters. The solid step taken by the US military a year ago by giving Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing the contract of producing "Multi-Object Kill Vehicle" or MOKV, which could destroy several objects in space with a single launch is what is seen as a solid step in a right direction towards improving the defensive system of the force.

Before this current development, the
force used to have a single kill vehicle on a single interceptor.
Raytheon's plans towards this technology is to schedule for a concept review in December, and also to load multiple MOKVs onto a single missile for launch. Each MOKV would be outfitted with sensors, a steering and propulsion system and communications equipment that will allow them to zero in on an individual target and hit it, destroying the object by sheer kinetic forces.
The impact will take place beyond Earth's atmosphere and the cloud of debris as a result of the impact will be burn up in the atmosphere. From the plans laid out by the military,The proof of this concept demonstrations will start late next year and a non-intercept flight test in 2018. If successful, the Missile Defense Agency would conduct an intercept test in 2019.
There is no project without a challenge, the challenge faced by the handlers of this concept is figuring out how to differentiate between bombs and decoys.

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