3D-Sensing to be included in Apple iPhone 8

As the iPhone 7 recorded a huge acceptance last year, the giant tech Apple, is planning to make the iPhone 8 a better device than the former. One of the ways in which they plan to achieve this is by making the iPhone 8 to have a 3D-sensing module that will enable augmented-reality applications. The news was confirmed when Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang said it on Wednesday. He said that the Apple company included the 3D-sensing module in all three current prototypes of the iPhone 8, which have screen sizes of 4.7, 5.1 and 5.5 inches.

Zhang also added in a research report that "We believe Apple's 3D sensing might provide a better user experience with more applications. we think 3D sensing aims to provide an improved smartphone experience with a VR/AR environment."

With this development, Apple has joined the likes of Asus and Lenovo to add the 3D-sensing module to their product. The 3D-sensing is now the recent trend in mobile phone industry and it's believed that it will grow from strength to strength in the future.

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