7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation

The human body is able to protect itself naturally through its immune system. When the immune system recognizes an invading microbe, pathogen, or any foreign substance, it attacks it. This process is called inflammation. Inflammation is a body function that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is the body’s process of protecting it from foreign substances.

But when inflammation persists on a daily basis even in instances when there is no apparent threat to the human body, this is when inflammation has become your enemy. This is perhaps the outcome of unhealthy eating choices and a sedentary lifestyle, which nowadays is not uncommon.
Common diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease have all been linked to inflammation as the root cause. Luckily, there are ways to keep inflammation levels at bay. This is to incorporate everyday foods and drinks that contain inflammatory-fighting ingredients to the daily diet and begin adapting a less deskbound way of living. The road to living a healthier life requires long-term lifestyle changes. But once you have added these anti-inflammatory foods into your daily plate, you have begun your baby steps into fighting the most common diseases.
We have compiled into one colorful infographic everyday drinks which contain ingredients that curb the negative effects of inflammation. Common household names like green tea are among the everyday drinks that contain both anti-inflammatory components and anti-oxidants. And the Chinese have long been drinking green tea for more than 2000 years.

Get to know the other everyday drinks that contain ingredients that fight the root cause of disease. Scroll down and view the eye-catching graphic below to begin your journey to a disease-free body. By choosing the right foods, the rate of reducing the risk of illness increases.

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