At last, Samsung apologizes for flawed Galaxy Note 7 battery.

It is no longer news that the glorious Samsung note 7 which was supposed to be the company's pride was faced with a lot of disapproval by the consumers due to over heating and catching fire of phone's battery. A lot of people have been waiting for the company to give their own opinion on why their newly released product has been 'carelessly' tested before releasing it to the market.
On Sunday night, the company officially made its first statement through the head of its mobile division, DJ Koh regarding the reasons why its battery failed.

He said: "First of all, I deeply apologize to all of our customers, carriers, retail, and distribution partners. We believe that, as a first step to regain your trust, it is important to provide you with a thorough understanding of the cause behind the Galaxy Note 7 incidents and to implement a comprehensive plan to take preventative measures."

The 50-mins presentation revealed the findings from their investigation on the failed battery and it also highlighted the steps taken by the company to avert such calamitous mistake in the future.
Accepting the blame is quite commendable because not all of their counterparts can actually humble themselves to take the blame and give account of every detail that made what suppose to be their game changer fail.

The Galaxy note 7 will now come with a new battery that will be a replacement to the flawed one.

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