Check out this Sony product that projects images onto a surface and senses touch on that surface (photos).

Although not yet completed and launched, the Sony Xperia Projector is currently under experimentation and it is a small box that has the capacity to make any surface a rudimentary touchscreen.

The Xperia projector is a connected sensor-plus-projector system designed to serve as a digital hub for your home and the in built camera has the ability to detect someone approaching the unit, and even recognize individual people within a home.
A brief demo about the Xperia projector starts with a large clock display with calendar notifications on the right, and notifications like missed calls on the left. A right swipe brings you to a family calendar, complete with photos and notes attached to each date, one of a number of interactive slides in this proof-of-concept. Others include recipe readout, a notepad, through which you can draw on the wall or table with your finger, and a recipe readout.

It is if no doubt that this beautiful piece of technology will develop into what will make communications faster within and outside of our homes.

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