Discovery: Could this be the most massive gator in Florida.

A big alligator was recently caught on camera at the Circle B Bar Nature Reserve in Lakeland. The alligator is so big that you will start to wonder how the dinosaurs in extinction looks like. The alligator was said to be the biggest ever seen in the state.

When the pictures of this creature was posted online, people started saying that the pictures wasn't real but locals told a TV station Tampa Bay television that the monstrous looking creature has been around for years and is affectionately known as the "Big Humpback" thanks to the curve of its super-long spine.

The creature dubbed Mr. Humpback is estimated to be around 14 or 15 feet in length, longer than the current record holder which is a 14 foot 3-1/2 inch male from Lake Washington in Brevard County and it has been advised that tourists should not near Mr. Humpback, the gator with measuring instruments due to the initial bad experience had before.

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