See the makeover app that is now trending.

Meitu is a Chinese photo editing app that has features that gives anime eyes, sparkles and creamy face. It is currently the latest selfie trend and now available for iOS and Android, and lets you edit your selfies or upload pictures from your camera roll.

Before its recent popularity, Meitu ranked 317 app in the App Store's "Photos & Video" section. After its "cross-dimensional camera" update last week, it's since spiked to the No. 4 ranked app. It now has about 430- 460 million users with 230,000 downloads recorded in US.

Meitu comes with several editing tools to adjust your skin tone, remove acne, make your face slimmer and taller, and your eyes bigger and brighter. It also has special effects and brushes to make you look like a cartoon character.

Meitu is a well known facial recognition app since its release in 2008 in China and according to the company, it has recorded more than 456 million active users and 6 billion photos created a month. It's been installed on more than 1 billion devices.

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