The features of the new Google chrome browser

Although not released yet, but the company has given us some clues on what to expect from the new Google's chrome browser. The new version is dubbed Chrome v56 and it has been promised to be faster- up to 28 percent and more secure than the previous versions.

The reason for the slow rate of previous versions is because of the way the browser validates information when reloading a page and it has been promised to be adjusted to make it faster.
According to the info posted by Takashi Toyoshima on Google's Chromium blog,  "When reloading a page, browsers will check with the web server if cached resources are still usable, a process known as validation," this will improve on the validation.
Still on making the new version faster, the new behavior results in up to 60 percent fewer validation requests, which should also help to save bandwidth and power, two major concerns for enterprise Relevant Products/Services users, according to Google. The exact date for the release hasn't been ascertained yet but speculation has it that it would be coming out any moment from next week.

The security fixes and upgrades have also been promised to be in Chrome v56. There will be 51 different security fixes for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems to help make the browser safer to use. Among the fixes is a new tool that will flag pages that collect information about banks and accounts using the HTTP protocol, rather than the more secure HTTPS protocol. Chrome users will see a label reading "Not Secure" in the address bar to hammer the point home. Firefox, which worked with Chrome on the security fix, will also be introducing a similar feature as it rolls out its next update.

In addition, the new Chrome version adds Web Bluetooth API support on Android, Chrome OS, and macOS to make it possible for sites to interact with low-energy Bluetooth device. As earlier mentioned, updates to the V56 are ready and can be accessed starting from the up coming week.

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