Apple CEO suggests a campaign against fake news

The Apple CEO Tim Cook, has suggested to technology companies to embark on a public information campaign with the sole aim of tackling fake news. He made the welcoming suggestion during an interview with Daily Telegraph. 
He equally said that a tool should be created by the tech firms to diminish the volume of fake news. In addition, he said that the move should not be to infringe on the press or people's freedom of speech, but stressed that the reader should also be considered.

Mr Cook pleaded with the government to assist in the campaign for it to be effectively publicized. He said that if everything works out together, with a will, then it will not take much time to create a ‘modern version of a public-service announcement campaign’. He also said that nothing kills people's mind like fake news and that some of today's winners are focusing on clicks instead of the Truth.

This is not the first time a giant tech CEO is addressing the Global issue called 'fake news' and if measures are not taking in earnest to address it, it may escalate into an unimaginable state.

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