Facebook's standalone TV app to be released soon

This could be seen as Facebook indirectly getting into your home. The company has an agenda which is to make you watch its platform videos on your TV home screens. With this 'about to be released' app, it will start competing with the likes of YouTube and other traditional television channels in terms of advertising revenue.

The company plans to release an app that can allow its users watch the platform's video content on television. With the app, users with smart televisions will be able to watch Facebook's user-generated videos directly on their televisions. Facebook has said that the standalone app will be released "soon".

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This is a welcome development that will attract massive advertisement and of course much revenue to the company. But to make this work efficiently, it will need to offer programmes that are of a far higher quality than what is on Facebook right now. That will require big investment in getting top talent to make Facebook-only video. This new development is in line with the Facebook's increasing focus on video.

According to the company, videos will now autoplay sound in the news feed and will be displayed in full, even if they are vertical. So many other features will be coming out with the standalone TV app.

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