Microsoft launches Skype Lite for 2G smartphones

The Indian born Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has launched a new version of the VoIP/messaging app Skype, named the Moniker Skype Lite.

The app will enable users with 2g smartphones and slow data connections in India to connect to Skype. The launching of the Snap lite app took place on the second day of Microsoft's two-day technology and business conference, Future Decoded, in Mumbai.

The less than 13MB size Skype lite app has  the regular features of the standard Skype app like instant messaging, audio/video calls and image sharing. It comes with in-built data saving features such as automatic switching between networks and image compression. The image compression will play out when  when sharing images with other users, as they are compressed by the app itself before being uploaded, thus conserving bandwidth. The company said that with the Skype lite app, images can be shared automatically between multiple users, thus saving time for re-uploading the same image to share it with all the other users.

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Skype Lite also allows users to track their data usage details directly from within the app. This can be checked via the hamburger menu, accessible by swiping from the left.
The app includes a dark theme mode, which helps in battery conservation as well. The company claims that it has been specifically incorporated based on feedback from users. Other than that, Skype Lite can be integrated with the default SMS/MMS app on Android smartphones to send/manage carrier-based messages conveniently. It also features automatic message filtering, which sorts messages sent by actual contacts from promotional texts.

Finally, the app supports all Skype bots (eg Expedia) that Microsoft introduced in the primary Skype app last year. It's localized in seven Indian languages. Skype Lite is available on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A Microsoft representative said that there are currently no plans to bring the app to iOS, although that may change in future.

Skype Lite has been developed at Microsoft's Hyderabad centre and is claimed to be based on extensive user feedback provided by users including a large number from India.

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