Parents urged not to purchase talking dolls for their children

Due to spying, parents are mandated not to buy talking doll for thier children in Germany and if any child has one, it should be destroyed.
The call to stop buying talking doll was made due to concerns that the software inside 'My Friend Cayla' could be hacked, allowing personal data to be accessed. The country's Federal Network Agency said that the technology, which allows a user to chat to the doll, carries a risk of espionage and could compromise privacy.

The doll is equipped with a microphone and software, this directly means it can respond to a person's questions by accessing the internet.

The security check on talking dolls expecially, 'My Friend Cayla' started when a researcher Stefan Hessel alerted the agency after examining the toy, which was created by an American company Genesis Toys. He said hackers could use an unsecure bluetooth device embedded in it to listen and talk to the child playing with it.

Mr Hessel told German website "In a test, I was able to hack the toy even through several walls. It lacks any security features."
In reaction to the above claims, the UK Toy Retailers Association said it is "satisfied that this product offers no special risk and there is no reason for alarm". 

The toy in view is under investigation to know which side to believe in.

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