Toyota recalls all hydrogen fuel-cell Mirai vehicles

Toyota motor Co Ltd have stated that it is recalling all the Mirai fuel-cell vehicles it has sold globally due to a software glitch that can shut off its hydrogen-powered system.

The recalling covers about 2,800 Mirai vehicles made between November 2014 and December 2016 with the main purpose of repairing the defect.

The Eco-friendly car "Mirai" is a Japanese name meaning Future, was launched in 2014 inorder to reduce unhealthy air environment. Mirai was its first mass-market hydrogen fuel-cell car.

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After the announcement of the recall, the company launched the new plug-in model of its Prius, after the first version sold poorly following its 2012 release.The new model can run in electric only mode, unlike the original Prius at higher speeds and longer distances than the previous version.

In general, fuel cells, meanwhile, work by combining hydrogen and oxygen in an electrochemical reaction, which produces electricity. This can then be used to power vehicles or home generators.
But the lack of hydrogen refuelling stations has been a major challenge to bringing fuel-cell cars into the mainstream.

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