Little Facts related to Donald Trump's presidential Armored car dubbed the BEAST

The Beast is the name given to the U.S president's limousine. The limo is specifically designed for the sitting president and his family. It is designed from the ground up by the Secret Service, the $US1.5 million “Cadillac One,” aka “The Beast,” is a moving fortress impenetrable by bullets and bombs.
According to reports, the president has 12 identical limos in rotation and, when not in use, they’re parked in the basement of the Secret Service’s headquarters and are under 24-hour surveillance.

The beast doesn't go alone, it goes with up to 45 other armed vehicles, including an identical decoy, local police, a mobile communications center, more armed vehicles, and an ambulance.
The cars are manufactured by General Motors in Detroit and have a gasoline V8 engine. The top speed and weight of each car is classified, as is the bulletproof technology used in the windows.

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