'Spider-Man' game developer speaks against Trump's immigration and travel ban on Muslim nations

The current news trending on the internet is the Mr Trump's immigration and travel ban on predominantly Muslim nations. Tech giants like Google have seen this move as not a welcoming development that will foster technological growth and innovation in the company and America at large because tech giants in the country have a large number of Muslims working in their firm.

Insomniac Games CEO, founder and the developer behind Spider-Man game has come out publicly against the President's immigration and travel ban targeting seven predominantly Muslim nations.

Ted price called Mr. Trump's executive order a 'deplorable, discriminatory act', he also called on voters to push back against the administration. He said that in a released video with dozens of Insomniac staff, some immigrants themselves, and questioned whether the ban was truly the American way.

Most of the tech companies are looking inwards for a suitable way to curtail this situation. After the ban, Google called on the affected staff not to travel outside America and to those that have traveled, to come back.

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