Still single and would like to hook up with someone during Val? Meet Sapio, the ‘intelligent’ dating app

Incase you don't have any one to talk to on the 14th Feb, this information would save you the time and resources of scouting for good dating apps that will suit your emotions. Sapio works by matching up people on the basis of their intelligence. By its own admission, Sapio is an app that "gets to the core of people through their experiences, heartfelt opinions and bold passions". The app is available on both iOS and Android.

Appart from having the above mentioned characteristics, Sapio has been designed in such a way as to allow users to evaluate their potential matches on the basis of both their physical appearance as well as his or her wits. It comes with a unique 'Question Explorer' feature, which allows users to discover their perfect matches based on the answers they provide to hundreds of 'thoughtful' questions.

The interface of Sapio features Tinder(dating app)-like swipe gestures, and is thus easy to navigate. It comes with chat functionality, but the same is enabled only when two potential matches have liked each other.So if you're hoping to find the perfect partner for yourself this Valentine's Day and have gotten tired of traditional dating apps, Sapio may be worth a shot.

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