35 Mind blowing technology inventions you’d like to get invented in your lifetime
Imagine a world where seemingly impossible inventions are made possible, a world where digitalization of everything flows like water in the ocean, a world where technological ideas are made the paramount ruler.

 As the Earth revolves, so shall Man thinking and ideas evolves into something that will be of great solution(s) to the currently face problems and challenges in the world.

Anything with advantage has disadvantage, you should as well as expect some of the technology inventions listed to have disadvantages.  With the below listed technological inventions in place, you’d only wish for immortality.


1) A world where Nanobots can be used to repair muscle tissues and other internal problems without having to cut people open to perform surgery.

2) A virtual universe where your brain can go after the body quits living.

3) A world with faster and cheaper internet connection.

4) How possible it could be to live in any world where you visualized.

5) A world where you can teleport yourself to any part of the universe.

6) A device that would allow you to access your old memories and be able to experience them for the first time again.

7) A torture device that made you relive your most painful memories, forever.

8) A Nano Technology clothing that changes shape, form etc, cleans itself and works with your body to keep you warm, cool, dry etc.

9) Seeing human race leave the solar system to explore the galaxy as fast as light travel.

10) Someone being able to talk with his pet e.g. Dog.

11) A world where a lost Organ in the body could be regrown within 60 seconds.

12) Where there is a cure for Cancer.

13) The possibility of people living in earth colonizing planet Mars.

14) The possibility of having brain implants. As your brain implants increases, you migrate into a machine.

15) Having a cheap space travel.

16) Having some sort of grammar checker that ensures you don’t miss off important words in a sentence.

17) Having a cure for depression and anxiety.

18) Something where I can hum/sing a part of a song and then it finds the song I’m looking for.

19) Having a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

20) Inventing Chronic pain Relief Devices, effective for all pain maladies.

21) Having super flying cars around.

22) A world where we can extend our lives with a device even if it’s just another 50 or 100years.

23) Having superconductors that work at room temperature.

24) A device that records your dreams so you can watch them the next day.

25) Sleeping in a weightless environment.

26) Having travel portals. Put one at your house and one at work and just jump through it and you’re at work.

27) Typing/writing with your thoughts/mind or a good speech-recognition software.

28) Knowing a way to stop aging.

29) Having perfectly working nuclear fusion reactors. It would solve energy crisis.

30) Having a device that can fix a damaged spinal cord injury.

31) Growing organs for people. You give your DNA, the doctor will examine it and order the new body organ you requested.  

32) Having a mass production of quantum computers at an affordable price.

33) Maybe a cure for baldness for those that would like theirs to grow.

34) Having an affordable self-driving cars.

35) Having Artificial intelligence that surpasses humans. 


  1. Hi Hector,

    When are they inventing #5? Gotta save time on those 16 hour flights from Thailand to NYC LOL.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Signing off from Thailand.


    1. Biddulph, the quantum Scientists are still working on it. Teleportation is not working perfectly yet but we will surely get there.

  2. hey friend, really nice and amazing blog, thanks for sharing info

    keep it up :)

  3. Hi Hector.

    I will like to do #15 one day without it causing me a hand. Also looking out for #1, #9, #23, and #24. Am sure every item in the list is super important to somebody somewhere. Again I wonder if a world where #1-#35 is possible will even be real.

    Really nice list, good job.