Chevrolet Cars to be offered with unlimited data plan

There is always a first time in every activity you engage in. An American automobile company, Chevrolet have set a record of being the first carmaker to offer an unlimited data plan with its cars.

Although in the US, the cars will be sold alongside a 4G LTE data plan starting from today March 3, the deal will be at $20 per month. It is being offered with the help of US carrier OnStar and will see vehicles fitted with a wi-fi hotspot that connects to the web via LTE.

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According to Chevrolet, it is offering the deal because in-car data use had grown so fast and the data gathered so far has shown that the amount of data used via wi-fi in its cars jumped by 200% last year.

Chevrolet have also said that it started the in-car hotspots last year and had handled about four million gigabytes of data. The LTE-based hotspots are available across the entire range of vehicles made by Chevrolet. The system allows owners to connect up to seven devices at a time.

There are plans by Ford to also start the in-car hotspots where upto 10 devices can connect to without using Bluetooth.

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