Foods that pregnant women shouldn't eat

Pregnancy is the solid base for the creation of life and should be guarded with love and care. Pregnant women are always told to seek for advise from their doctors inorder to know the "do's and dont's" till after delivery.

As a pregnant woman, it's not every food that comes your way should catch your attention because it may indirectly hurt you or that of the child you are carrying in your womb.
According to Health research, it is advisable to keep away from these foods.

1) pineapple

It's advised not to eat this fruit during the first three months of your pregnancy because it contains bromelain, which can make uterine muscles smooth and therefore leads to miscarriage.

2) Raw eggs

Pregnant women shouldn't eat undercooked food. They should avoid raw eggs or food with raw eggs in them.

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3) Aloe vera

Pregnant woman should not eat or drink anything that has aloe vera in it as it can lead to pelvic hemorrhage which can further cause miscarriage.

4) Papaya

Expecting mother should not eat Papaya especially the green type as it is believed to contain an enzyme which can cause uterine contractions, it can lead to miscarriage.

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