How to properly wash your Car

Nobody would ever love to see his car written "wash me, I am dirty", rather he will be ashamed of carrying it about his normal business. Lack of washing your car properly can lead to falling off of the paint or maybe the paint permanently scarred.

There will always be that certain amount of happiness in seeing your car looking clean and great. I will be sharing some little tips about washing your car properly.

1) Get the car cleaning products

This is all about making sure you have the tools/equipments that will enhance the smooth sail of the washing and also in turn, having the desired appearance. You will need clean sponge or wash mitt for it is important to help avoid scratches. A hose with running water, if you rely on water in a bucket for rinsing, you may work grit into the surface and scratch the paint. Working with only a bucket of water also makes it impossible to properly rinse grit from the car.

2) never try to use a dish soap on your car

I am pretty sure that this is self explanatory. Using a dish soap on your car will damage the exterior as time passes. There are soaps meant for car washing, you can get them in supermarkets and stores.

3)  Don't wait until your car becomes visibly dirty

This third tip has some determinants: your location, climate change and environment comes into play here. Too much washes reduces the overall appearance of the car, monthly washes are likely sufficient to maintain its appearance. But, this exception is in areas where there is acid rain. Always rinse your car after acid rain or the paint could be permanently scarred.

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4) Don’t wash a hot car

High temperatures can make cleaning more difficult and cause deposits that eventually damage paint. Park your car in the shade or wait until the heat of the day passes before getting started.

5) Do wash the car in sections.
Don't wash the whole car first before rinsing and drying. Do the washing, rinsing and drying processes section after section of the car i.e. work on one area at a time. Don’t move the sponge or mitt in circles, circular motions can create swirl marks. Instead, move the sponge in straight lines.

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