Increase your brainpower with these simple tips

Let just say that your brainpower determines the level of your smartness. High brainpower equates to high level of smartness and Intelligence. 

Here are some few tips that Can help you to boost your brain power.

1) Use your less dominant Hand

Many don't know about this but using your less dominant Hand at daily interval increases your brainpower. Concentration and commitment is required to achieve this, it is just like making your brain to be compatible with a new body part. For example, if you are right handed, try performing some everyday tasks with your left hand.

2) Choose activities that make you concentrate

Instead of choosing the easy option, try making things a little harder for yourself. Try imagining to be in a situation that you are solely relied on by others for solution, like answering a question that requires mental reasoning.

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3) Play with dice and word games
Yea, you should engage yourself with games like Scrabble, chess, Crosswords, Yahtzee, Sudoku, Scrabble e.t.c. The mental work required on these games increase the brainpower.

4)  Listen to classical music
I decided to make this tip the last for a reason. Spend time each day listening to uplifting classical tunes such as Mozart, Beethoven or even yanni. It helps to put you in a positive frame of mind and your brain actually positively responds to it.
Classical musics are those musics written down in music notation by musicians who are based in the art of writing music so that other musicians can play it.

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