New Ford technology will eliminate hitting pedestrians and night driving fears

According to the poll conducted by Ford, the result showed that night blindness and the fear of hitting someone are the two majorly feared while night-time driving. With that effect, the company have come up with a beautiful technology to tackle the worst fear.

The technology which is for the first time introduced by the company  is designed to detect pedestrians at night and then automatically apply the brakes if the driver does not respond to initial warnings.

The technology referred to as Pedestrian Detection technology is to be introduced on the next-generation Ford Fiesta in Europe. This soon-to-be released supermini was on display at the Geneva Motor Show. In North America, the new technology will debut first on the 2018 Ford F-150 and the 2018 Ford Mustang.

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Some Pedestrians have formed it as a habit of not checking the road properly for an on-coming vehicle while crossing the road both in the day and night as a result of the distraction from their technology. With this pedestrian detection technology, hitting a pedestrian will gradually become a thing of the past as the technology is designed to help identify people already in or about to step into the road in front of the approaching car.

Pedestrian Detection processes information from a radar located in the fender coupled with a windshield mounted camera. Instantly, the technology compares from a database of pedestrian ‘shapes' which enables the system to distinguish people from objects such as trees and road signs. The camera delivers more than 30 snapshots every second, say the company, enabling the system to pick out pedestrians, even in low-light conditions, illuminated only by the headlights. Audible and visual warnings are directed to the driver. As the last resort the vehicle's system automatically applies the brakes.

No doubt that this idea is well thought out and we hope to see it perform effectively in service.

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