Gaming: PS4 gets external drive support, Boost Mode today

Sony, the manufacturer of PS4 gaming console have fixed today March 9 to be the day that the PS4 console will be getting the version 4.50 system-software update, which carries the Sasuke code name.

The added pack, boost mode promises to speed up the frame rates and possibly load times on some titles that launched before the PS4 Pro and thus weren't designed to take advantage of the console's faster chips. You'll turn on Boost Mode by going to Settings/System.

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The new upgrade version with Sasuke code name will also come with support for up to 8TB on an external storage drive (connected over USB 3.0). That implies that you can load as much games as you want.

In its Wednesday post, Sony called out some additional features of the 4.50 update, including voice chat for remote play.

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