Health tips: Times you shouldn't drink water
Yes, it's advised to drink a specified amount of water per day depending on the individual concerned. It means that Health challenge(s) is a factor for a certain amount of water required by your body per day. You might not be aware of this but it is true that there are sometimes you need to keep away from water when certain signs are being noticed by you in your body system. This article will help you to know when to do away with the abundant element (H2O).

1) Drinking too much water before a big meal

Health analysts have said it over and over again that to cut a few calories or when a craving hits, drink a glass of water before meal. Maybe due to lack of water intake control, people tend to take more than just a glass before a big meal and it's not good because the person will feel more bloated. Not only that, the water/fluid will take up the space of the food in the stomach.

2) When you've drank a lot

It's incredibly rare, but it's possible to drink so much water you put your health at risk. If you drink enough to dilute your body's natural balance of salt, you can become too low in sodium, a condition known as hyponatremia. Hyponatremia can also be caused by certain issues with the liver, kidney, heart, or pituitary gland, as well as by certain medications, like diuretics, antidepressants, and pain medications.

3) When the water has no sweet secret

Studies have shown that people now prefer the fanciful flavored-water to the regular water. But I want to remind you that flavored waters often rely on zero-calorie sweeteners to add a little something to the plain ol' water taste. Because these sweeteners have been linked to increased hunger and even weight gain in some studies, commercially available flavored waters might do you more harm than good. Instead, try adding your own flavor to tap water by tossing in lemon, lime, cucumber, watermelon, berries, or even herbs.

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4) When your urine is clear

So how do you know you have had enough? Forget that old "eight glasses a day" rule and start observing the toilet. If you see a light lemonade shade, you’ve reached optimal hydration status. If you see only clear urine in the bowl, you can probably cut back your water intake a little.  Darker yellows can be a sign it’s time to drink more.

5) When you are engaging in a serious work for sometime

We lose electrolytes, like potassium and sodium, through sweat. If you're seriously sweating it out, you'll need to replace those crucial nutrients, which aren't found in plain water. Rather than a sugary sports drink, though, you may be able to get the same boost from coconut water, which is naturally high in potassium, magnesium, sodium, and vitamin C without as many calories and with more fiber. 

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