Yamaha unveils 2017 model receivers with Bluetooth output and 4K compatibility

Yamaha unveils 2017 model receivers with Bluetooth output and 4K compatibility
Yamaha will be pushing in four models of its new receivers to the market for the year of 2017. One of the models which will be sold at $300, will be having Bluetooth headphone output and compatibility with HDR video sources.

The  company promised that the new models, 2017 range of receivers (RX-V receivers) will have increased compatibility with 4K/HDR video and Bluetooth headphone listening.

The RX-V receivers are:

The first product in the range is RX-V383, it is 5.1-channel receiver which offers 70 W per channel with stereo material. As with last year the base model lacks Wi-Fi but still includes Bluetooth in as well as out to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. In addition to a USB input it also includes four HDMI ports with support for the latest 4K signals (Dolby Vision and HDR10).

The second is the RX-V483. It brings Wi-Fi music in the form of Yamaha's Music Cast system (which soon will boast support for Tidal and Deezer) as well as AirPlay and Spotify. But most other features including the number of HDMI ports remain the same. Like the V383 the V484 is also a 5.1-channel receiver but it gets a modest increase in power to 80 W per channel in stereo.

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RX-V583 and RX-V683
The two receivers have some similarities Which will be stated together. RX-V583 and RX-V683 have Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support but the V583 doesn't add any more HDMI ports though -- four is a little stingy -- while the 683 gets you six. Also despite the extra channels the RX-V583 still has the same power rating as the 483 and trading up to the V683 nets you a 90W/ch bump.

The RX-V383 and RX-V483 are expected in April while the RX-V583 or RX-V683 are anticipated in May.

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